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Phoenix is the largest city in Maricopa County, Arizona and has it all when it comes to diverse real estate.  The city has received much national attention recently for its dramatic price appreciation over the last year (an appreciation that's been compared to that of 2004-2005).  However, going from $78/SF to $94/SF in 2012 (+$22,500 for a 1,500SF home) isn't nearly as dramatic as going from $125/SF to $165/SF in 2005 (+$60,000 for  a 1,500SF home).

For this reason, in addition to the tighter lending and appraisal guidelines of today, there is a lot of room for future appreciation in the Phoenix residential real estate market.

Our Phoenix Homes Market Snapshot Report is put out on a monthly basis, and is intended to give our subscribers an "overall" view of the Metro Phoenix Market.  Within Phoenix, there are countless sub-markets that should be considered by the savvy home buyer/seller and/or investor.

This report is meant to give an overall snapshot of the Phoenix market.  To drill down into specific markets within the Metro Phoenix area, contact our Phoenix Homes Team, as we stand ready to help.

Or, feel free to search on our website for specific areas.  We NEVER force you to register to use our valuable search feature, as we don't believe in capturing your info.  It's just "how we roll".  When you're ready to ask questions, we're here to help.  It's that simple.

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