One of the ways to greatly increase your property value when you’re beginning to think about selling is to make your Mesa, AZ home a more eco-friendly structure.  This attracts potential buyers—not only can it help them conserve precious resources, it can help save them money on energy bills.  If you’re already aware that “going green” can be a smart and responsible way to add value to your home, but you think that every option is out of your budget, think again.  There are many small ways to make a difference without stretching your finances too far.  Here are 4 ways to “go green” with your Mesa AZ home and spend less than $100 on the project.

  1. Seal Up Switches and Outlets:  You can actually lose a lot of indoor air through drafty electrical wall outlets and switches.  You can quickly and cheaply fix this problem by insulating each exterior wall switch or outlet.  Turn off the power source before you begin, then use a screwdriver to remove the faceplate, install pre-cut insulating foam gaskets (which usually cost a dollar or less), then screw the faceplate back on, and you’re in business.
  2. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat:  This option is highly desirable for those who are out working or attending school all day.  When you’re at home, you can still be as comfortable as you’d like, but reducing the extremity of your heat or air conditioning while you’re not around can help save major money throughout the year.
  3. Equip Your Toilet with Dual-Flush Technology:  Rather than replacing your toilet with an entirely new model, simply install a dual-flush converter in your existing one.  It’ll cost you about $20, and your new handle will be able to control the amount of water needed: one button works for liquids and one works for solids.  You can save both water and money by using less everyday.
  4. Use a Smart Power Strip:  Most of us know that appliances use energy simply by being plugged in (even if they’re not turned on), but while you can easily turn off the power strip when not using some items, some items, like DVR’s, always need to be plugged in.  A smart power strip can be programmed to distinguish between the two, so you can easily cut the power to some while keeping others “plugged in.”

If you’d like to hear more ways to increase your property value or are looking for a Mesa AZ real estate agent to help you navigate your sale, I’d love to help you.  Please feel free to get in touch anytime.

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