Scottsdale Famous Sculptor At the corner of 5th Avenue and Marshall Way, right in the heart of Scottsdale’s amazing shopping and art districts, is one of Scottsdale’s most photographed landmarks - a breathtaking bronze fountain featuring five life-sized Arabian horses frolicking in the water.  The endearing rustic look of the fountain has made it popular with locals and tourists alike.

The fountain was built by Bob Parks, who owned a local art gallery in Scottsdale for over 30 years.  He was born in Hollywood, California in 1943 and was raised on a ranch near Fort Worth by his Texan family.  He works primarily with bronze, and in recent years has managed to make a serious name for himself in the sculpting world with over 300 sculptures under his belt.

While his signature appears to be Western depictions of horses and cowboys, Parks is by no means limited to one singular subject.  Perhaps one of the oddest commissions to ever come across his desk is a request from Coors - a massive producer of beer, for a bronze beer can.

Over the years, he also acquired a handsome collection of big named clients which include, Paul Harvey, Gene Autry, and even the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.  Parks has become a national favorite with exhibits in museums across the country, including Chicago and Birmingham.

He also has featured work at the Arlington International Race Course, the Mayo Clinic Hospital, and  the Canadian Senate.  Today, collectors tend to squabble at auctions for one of his classic pieces which tend to start at around $5,000 just for the small tabletop works.

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