Scottsdale is full of great restaurants and fun activities, but it always manages to feel like a tight-knit and supportive community.  With a strong presence of local businesses and memorable owners, Scottsdale always has a new experience to offer its residents.  Greg Patrick Jacobs of Sevens’ Bistro is one such small business owner, and he represents the hard work and dedication to both of his passions, cooking and baseball, that many local residents admire and emulate.

7 is an important number for former minor-league baseball player Greg Patrick Jacobs.  Growing up, he proudly played baseball with a number 7 jersey, and he has seen the repetition of this lucky number throughout his life.  He met his wife Ashley on 07/07/2007, a magical date that has clearly brought happiness to the couple ever since.  Now, Ashley, a former manager at Sushi Brokers in Scottsdale, helps out in the kitchen of their aptly named restaurant.

Greg clearly has a passion for baseball as evidenced by his impressive past; he spent 12 seasons playing baseball in the minor leagues.  However, if walls and booths covered in baseball memorabilia isn’t your favorite restaurant atmosphere, don’t worry—Sevens’ Bistro is sleek and stylish, boasting dark wood and a pop of white furniture.  Greg’s other passion in life—cooking—may not have been as apparent until recently, but it’s always been something he valued.  He told that many nights during his baseball career were spent experimenting with recipes in the kitchen rather than out in the clubs and bars.  Another staple from his baseball days is the knowledge that breakfast is a very important meal.  While Sevens’ serves equally tasty lunches and dinners, they certainly don’t skimp on the breakfast and brunch offerings.

You can find Greg and his restaurant partner Brian Lovelace during their daily hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Sevens’ Bistro, which just so happens to be located at 7707 E. McDowell Road.  For more inside information about Scottsdale and the surrounding area, check back anytime.  I’m a Phoenix short sale agent dedicated to delivering the best real estate guidance of the area to you.