Scottsdale real estateAs Fall begins to approach, regardless of the weather trying to prove otherwise, Arizona college campus’s are already starting to become more populated. For those attending Arizona State University, there are a number of prime real estate choices for students going back to class. In Tempe and South Scottsdale, the homes available for purchase or rent are in high demand. Students looking to make Arizona their permanent residence have been able to purchase homes in the past few years at rates that have been favorable. Single family homes and condominium living have both become favorable options when living near campus. In the past year, the amount of homes available has decreased and the prices remain steady. However, recent comments made by the Federal Reserve have left some wondering if now is the right time to buy.

The time to purchase a home in Tempe or South Scottsdale has never been better. With sellers feeling confident in their decisions to sell, and buyers able to still find great values with good rates, the time to become a homeowner while attending school at the same time has been a popular choice.  With rates as low as 4.31 percent, those looking to purchase homes are still able to lock in a 30 year rate that allows the buyer to maximize on their purchase. The area surrounding Tempe and South Scottsdale has long been a popular area for students and young professionals. As the area continues to gain popularity and the number of homes on the market increases, the real estate market in Arizona continues to be a good investment.