Busy Phoenix MarketAs the Phoenix housing market continues to heat up, there are a number of strategies to employ to negotiate what is quickly becoming a rallying industry. And although interest rates are still low and Arizona is enjoying one of the bigger economic booms in the nation, buyers are still finding many great opportunities in Phoenix and across Arizona. These are ten tips you can use to keep up:

  1. Take a leisurely look. You don't have to buy the first property you like. Check out as many as you can.
  2. Survey the foreclosure market. Although numbers are declining, there are still many distressed properties which may offer great value.
  3. Seek out new construction. Builders experiencing trouble moving inventory will be more motivated to sell and negotiate.
  4. Ask for free upgrades or repairs. Upgrades may be included on new construction while current sellers may be willing to make major repairs to complete the sale.
  5. Make a reasonable offer that is below asking price.
  6. Establish a timeframe: let it be known that the offer is only good for a certain amount of time
  7. Ask for a written warranty. Coverage on appliances and infrastructure can prove very valuable should you encounter problems after buying the house.
  8. Negotiate a closing date to ensure that the closing doesn’t languish.
  9. Reconsider the counter-offer. Sellers may be willing to go through a few rounds of negotiation.
  10. Get the best mortgage deal possible. Rates are still low but with the real estate industry still recovering, lenders are still looking for new customers.

Arcadia and the Phoenix area have a number of attractive properties available. I’ve been working the real estate industry in this area for years. While these are solid strategies, they will be that much more effective implemented under the advice of a real estate expert. I know of many houses for sale in Phoenix to which these tips may be best applied. If you’re looking for a qualified partner to help you, reach out to me anytime. I’m ready and eager to help.  Below is a small sampling of Arcadia Phoenix homes that are currently listed for sale.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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