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Oct. 5, 2013

Buying a Home in Arizona After a Short Sale

Arizona short saleThe housing crisis that occurred in Phoenix previously left a large number of people needing to sell via short sale or foreclosure. Many were forced to become renters after selling their home. However, with the rebound of the housing market, it has become possible for many who had previous short ...

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Sept. 27, 2013

Home Prices Seeing a High, Homes Owners Seeing Fewer Properties Underwater

14651245_sIn the past year, the sale of Arizona homes have seen an increase in home prices and the amount of homes that are underwater has seen a dramatic decrease from numbers seen last year. In the third quarter of 2012, homes that had mortgages that were worth more than their ...

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Nov. 3, 2012

Mortgage Aid Helps Phoenix Home Owners Avoid Foreclosure

A recent report issued by the Making Home Affordable government-funded initiative concluded that a remarkable 34,000 Arizona home owners have received mortgage assistance from the program so far. The federal aid program allows home owners to receive permanent loan modifications that have significantly contributed the recent decline in property ...

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Oct. 24, 2012

Phoenix Real Estate Foreclosures Continue to Decline

An overall decrease in foreclosure activity throughout the Phoenix housing market is one of the strongest indicators that a full recovery is now underway. It is also one of the reasons why the upswing is expected to last, since many homeowners are discovering short sales as a smart alternative to ...

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Oct. 22, 2012

Banks Offer Help to Struggling Phoenix Home Owners

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne recently announced that he will allocate the vast majority of the state's $47 million received from the national mortgage settlement earlier this year to help Phoenix home owners stay above water on their mortgage payments and maintain their properties, instead of having no choice ...

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Sept. 29, 2012

Recent Interview With Channel 12 News Regarding Fannie Mae Phoenix Short Sales

If you've followed my recent blog posts, you'll know how I feel about the latest game that Fannie Mae is playing with homeowners trying to conduct aPhoenix short sale.  Fannie could care less about homeowners, and has gone out of their way to make short-selling a home ...

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Sept. 26, 2012

New Phoenix Short Sale Reform Policies From Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

With a new set of rules taking effect on November 1, even home owners who would not have imagined a Phoenix short sale and principal reduction as a possibility for them may want to take another look.  The new policies involve any homeowner whose loans were purchased or guaranteed ...

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Sept. 12, 2012

Timing of FHFA’s Latest Short Sale “Fix” is Curious… to Say the Least

If you spend your days wading through the nuts and bolts of the myriad of federal short sale programs, you’re already well aware that changes are thrust upon us on a fairly regular basis. And if you’re thinking about trying to get out from underneath a mortgage you can no ...

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May 14, 2012

Wells Fargo Now Refusing To Waive Deficiency Rights On Freddie Mac Short Sales

Good old Wells Fargo is up to their tricks again.  Only this time, they may be playing with fire.

If you haven't already heard, Wells Fargo instituted a policy that went into effect on 5/1/12.  From now on, they are refusing to waive any deficiency rights for ...

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May 4, 2012

The FTC & Phoenix Short Sale Listing Practices: Advice for Sellers and Agents

If you’re facing the very real possibility of losing your home to foreclosure, you’re interested in solutions to your financial tension. A quick Google search tells you that a Phoenix short sale might be an effective foreclosure avoidance solution for your situation. Even better, there seem to be a number ...

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