With such a rich regional history, it’s no wonder that many local residents have been long awaiting a visitors center that does justice to the area.  Now, the perfect spot has been chosen and construction has been underway since early September.  The 6-acre site, on the Mesa Grande Ruins property, is one of only three in Arizona that contains prehistoric remains.  The other two are the Pueblo Grande Ruins nearby in Phoenix and the Casa Grande Ruins.  At a September groundbreaking ceremony, 93 year old Sam Lewis spoke to the East Valley Tribune about how much this site meant to his family.  His grandparents lived on the property in the 1920s, and Sam spent many a happy summer exploring the beautiful grounds.

As he stood with 100 or so other attendees at the groundbreaking ceremony, Sam reflected on his past.  Now, all of Mesa’s residents and visitors alike will have their own chance to reflect on the past—one that delves much further than any one lifetime.  One of Mesa Grande’s most exciting features is that it contains the remains of a very large and complex ancient Hohokam platform mound community—one of the two largest in the world.

The Hohokam are an integral piece of Arizona’s history, and the platform mound that they built in Mesa Grande once incorporated about 600 acres of land overlooking the Salt River.  This new visitors center will allow generations of Mesa’s community members to learn about the land’s past and understand the historical significance of the Hohokam.

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