As back-to-school season is upon everyone, most 12 year olds are gearing up for middle school and focusing on their new backpacks and seeing old friends.  For Javier Urcuyo, a local 12 year old, this isn’t just a normal year back at school, because this year he’s starting college at Arizona State University.  While the school has no way of determining without a doubt that Javier is their youngest student, his circumstances are rare.  What is known beyond a doubt is that Urcuyo will stand out among his peers of other college attendees who are generally around age 18 when they enter.

Javier also attends the Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy which is located on ASU west campus.  Known for cultivating the academic talents of highly gifted middle school-aged children, this private school keeps a close eye on its students to determine when they might be ready for college-level courses.  Director of Herberger Academy Dr. Kim Landsdowne recently told CBS 5 news that he went through the same stringent acceptance requirements as all of the other students.  With a love and gift for math and a fantastic SAT score, Javier became a new college student this year.  The ASU-adjacent location of Herberger helps make his college attendance feasible— staff from the academy escort Javier to and from all of his classes.

While Javier is taking one class on campus this semester, it seems likely that his involvement at ASU will only continue.  Both of Urcuyo’s parents have degrees in math and that is, as of right now, Javier’s intended path as well.  He’s hoping to eventually earn his PhD.  While this all may seem like quite a lot for a 12 year old to handle, Javier appears to have time for other interests, citing his love of poetry as a favorite non-math-related creative outlet.

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