McCormick Ranch is what I like to call "Classic Scottsdale", located in the 85258 Zip Code. Because 85258 is home to what is considered to be the best school district in Arizona (Scottsdale Unified School District), and offers such amazing dining/shopping opportunities and miles of walking/biking trails along it's many greenbelts within the community, this area has become extremely popular for people looking for their next home. Add to that it is proximity to the Loop 101 Freeway, and you get the perfect combination when looking for your next home. The 85258 zip code is commonly referred to as McCormick Ranch, and for the purposes of this report, I have included all real estate activity that has occurred in the past month within 85258.

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Before I begin to explain the findings in the above chart, allow me to take a moment to define some of the terms.

Active: Listings that are currently listed as being "Active" in the MLS.

Pending: Listings that are currently under contract. This includes both Short Sales and Traditional (non- distressed) listings.

Closed: These are homes that closed escrow during the month of April / 2012.

Traditional: These are listings that are "non-distressed" (i.e., not short sales or bank-owned).

Short Sales: These are listings that are marketed/sold for less than what is owed on their respective mortgages.

Bank-Owned: As the title implies, these are listings that are marketed/sold by the bank/lender that owns them.

Other/Misc.: These are listings that are classified as owner/agent, probate, court approval required, etc.

There are currently 263 Active Listings on the market:

242 Are Traditional Listings

06 Are Short Sales

12 Are Bank-Owned

03 Are Other/Misc.

There are currently 168 Pending Listings:

115 Are Traditional Listings

44 Are Short Sales

06 Are Bank-Owned

03 Is/Are Misc.

During the month of April / 2012, there were 113 Closed Listings:

93 Were Traditional Listings

07 Were Short Sales

08 Were Bank-Owned

05 Is/Are Misc.

Finally, in the McCormick Ranch Homes Monthly Real Estate Report, we will compare month/month cost per square foot for those homes that closed escrow in April / 2012:

The Average Price/Square Foot for homes sold in March / 2012 in McCormick Ranch was $159.78 per square foot.

The Average Price/Square Foot for homes sold in April / 2012 in McCormick Ranch was $168.44 per square foot.

This represents a 5.95% increase in price/square foot within the community from March / 2012 to  April / 2012! The fact that 93 of the 113 homes that closed escrow were traditional loans probably had a great deal to do with this.

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Below is a small sampling of the homes that are currently listed and available in the McCormick Ranch market.  Feel free click on the blue link titled “See More McCormick Ranch Homes For Sale” to get a complete list of homes that are currently available.  These listings are taken directly from the Arizona MLS, which gives you the most up-to-date source of listing information on the planet.  Enjoy!

McCormick Ranch Homes For Sale

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