Mesa High-Tech AgendaEconomist Enrico Moretti, recently released a report that said that with every new high-tech job created, five more jobs supporting that job will be created outside of high-tech. These complementary jobs include everything from doctors to lawyers to hotel and retail. This is particularly great news for Mesa, which is fast becoming one of the leading areas for high-tech jobs in the country. But they are not resting on their laurels. The city is throwing off any misconceptions as a sleepy burg, earning a high ranking for being the home to technology startups according to a recent survey. That is no accident, as civic leadership has funded programs and strategies to encourage such growth.

And the definition of “high-tech” is pretty expansive, including companies focused on solar energy and software development. If the multiplier effect above proves to be even marginally true, Mesa will be enjoying an economic boom that stretches across every segment of the community. Building from that momentum, the city is looking to start a business incubator whose objective will be to encourage start-ups from within the Mesa community, rather than just offering incentives to outside companies. This creates two sources of new ventures from businesses searching for new headquarters and regional offices to homegrown enterprises that evolve from within Mesa itself.

Such activity is a testament to Mesa’s progressive policies towards economic development, which in turn provides a foundation for residential growth. Mesa is one of the nation’s top cities for finding a career and relocating one’s family. Of course, the first-rate weather and scenery doesn’t hurt, either.

If Mesa sounds like a home for you - not to mention a place to launch or continue one’s career - then give us a shout. We would love to tell you more about this fantastic jewel in the desert.

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