Mesa Owners Exquisite Home DesignAcknowledging the beautiful homes in one’s city or town is a great way to foster community pride and spirit. It also encourages developers and home buyers to seek out singular redesigns and pursue inspired rehabs to better the overall reputation of the local real estate market. A Mesa program known as Extraordinary Properties hands out design awards to area homes that meet the highest of standards and quality. The result of the designation is a sign reading “Mayor’s Award for Building a Better Mesa” for three months. These awards are handed our quarterly and are an indication of the pride and unique skill abounding in the Mesa community.

The best part about the Extraordinary Properties is that it is resident-nominated, promoting a sense of appreciation amongst Mesa’s friends and neighbors. The official website of Mesa has set up a page encouraging people to send in their nominations. If you own, live near or just pass on your way to work, an Extraordinary Property, which can be either residential or commercial, feel free to send in the address and an explanation as to why you think it is justified, to

Moreover, what this program represents is the property diversity inherent to Mesa. This is no cookie-cutter real estate market and offers a variety of architectural choices for would-be buyers. The fact that local government has put in place a program to identify and celebrate striking designs shows just how much pride the residents of Mesa take in their properties, even if it is the home a neighbor, acquaintance or complete stranger. The intent is to encourage the eye appeal of Mesa’s living landscape.

If noteworthy property designs sound inviting to you, there may be an Extraordinary Property waiting for you in Mesa. Give us a call today to find out.

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