My TV Interview Regarding Phoenix Strategic Short Sales

Last night, local NBC affiliate Channel 12 ran a story on strategic short sales, and they asked for my input.  I recently wrote ablog on Phoenix strategic short sales, as have several others who specialize in this arena.  While this is a "controversial" subject for some, I feel that it beats the heck out of astrategic default.

Some banks are not putting as much emphasis on the "verifiable hardship", and are making decisions based on what is best for their bottom line.  Like I say in the interview, "If it's good for the lender, the borrower, the buyer, and the neighborhood, what's wrong with it"?  Beats the heck out of astrategic defaultfor all parties involved.  Besides, who are we to judge a hardship?  I say let the banks determine it.

Despite the fact that they only had two minutes to cover the topic, I feel it was very informative.  Anyway, here is the interview.

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