Arizona home valuesA few years ago home values in the Phoenix area were hard hit and many homeowners saw their property values decline substantially. The effect on the housing market and economy in general were devastating, and the number of homeowners whose homes were underwater was high. In recent months the amount of people in Phoenix who saw their property values rise has been on the steady incline. Each month brings verifiable numbers that clearly demonstrate that home values in Phoenix are consistently on the rise.

Netvaluecentral, a real estate research firm, now offers a free site for individuals to check home values throughout Maricopa County. is the newest way to look up Phoenix home values. Phoenix residents are able to enter a property address and instantly find out a home’s estimated value or monthly rental rate. Other information available includes recent comparable properties, tax rates and nearby foreclosures in the area.“And if the homeowner registers, we will e-mail them any changes in the neighborhood that could impact the value of their property,” said Dave Bignoli, Netvalue president.

If these current trends continue, homeowners in the Phoenix area can expect the value of properties throughout the area to increase. These increases further support the local real estate market as more sellers enter the market as their home becomes more likely to turn a profit on the market. Overall, the housing market in the Phoenix area is making great strides to regain some of the ground lost in the previous housing crisis.