When Phoenix bicycle enthusiasts recently gathered to celebrate the annual Pedal Craft festival downtown, they were met with more than applause and accolades for choosing to partake in alternative transit. At the gathering, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton announced that the trend of bike sharing programs sweeping the nation may soon be spreading to Phoenix, as city officials begin to debate whether the implementation of the program would be feasible. The program would allow Phoenix home owners to leave their cars at home when running short errands around the city by allowing them to rent bicycles from the city instead. The bike program is a huge hit among Phoenix residents who have embraced the lifestyle of urban biking, and is expected to be met with endorsements from citizens and politicians alike.Phoenix to Receive Bike Sharing Program

The program offers the ultimate in flexibility for bike riders, as they can drop off their rental bicycles at any of the designated bike racks throughout the city. Although the trend of bike sharing programs first took hold in Europe, many other U.S. cities have adopted these kinds of programs with success. Independent bike sharing programs in cities nationwide have also reported excellent results. The programs encourage residents to live active lifestyles, and to cut down on the unavoidable byproducts of traffic and pollution that come along with an expanding metropolitan area such as Phoenix.

While the cost of implementing the program in Phoenix has not yet been determined, the city is consulting outside companies to get estimated costs. Phoenix real estate is already popular on account of its convenient access to transportation within the greater metro area. Now, with the increase in popularity of urban biking, Phoenix home owners will have a additional option that can both cut transportation costs and promote sustainable living.

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