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In the digital age of real estate, photography is becoming more and more essential. Buyers are looking for homes online, and if your photographs don't stand out, then you have no chance to attract buyers to your home.

We're extremely excited to introduce our 3D photography partner, Matterport. Matterport is a service that can come into your home and take panoramic 3D pictures, which they then stitch together to form a complete walkthrough of your home. This technology is absolutely incredible!

You can 'tour' the home online, but the most unique  feature is that you can literally take the roof off of the house and view the floor plan from above. This allows you to see how everything flows throughout the home. This allows buyers to spend time in your home without the inconvenience of an actual showing.

If you choose to use 3D photography, your home will most certainly stand out from the competition. The last home that we did 3D photography for sold in only 15 days, so it definitely increases your chances of selling quickly and for top dollar.

To learn more about Matterport, visit their website: www.matterport.com.

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