Phoenix Schools Support Healthy Eating Alhambra Elementary School District  has made new healthy strides for its young students, much to the delight of local parents.

On the district’s official website is an area in which parents can find helpful information about what their kids are eating and what systems the schools are implementing to keep students healthy and active to fight the national concern of childhood obesity.  The new program has designed an iconic image called the “Handprint of Healthy Living.”

The image is a literal handprint with the core message on its palm reading “Eat Smart, Play Hard!”  Listed on the fingers is the five pronged program which includes, “Healthy Eating,” “Brain Breaks,” “Physical Activities,” “Healthy Message,” and “Healthy Habits.”

Complementing the handy handprint image are newsletters to parents about discussions to have with their children about meal choices.  Even better, it was announced that nine of the Alhambra District schools were chosen for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program by the department of education.

Students of the chosen schools will receive a free, healthy snack, twice a week, along with a quick nutrition lesson about the chosen snacks. For those schools who were not chosen, the school district does plan to all give parents resources and information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their children.

One of the great things about living in Phoenix is the city’s interest in consistently making good things even better! If you are interested in learning more about homes in Phoenix and joining our thriving community, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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