If you've followed my recent blog posts, you'll know how I feel about the latest game that Fannie Mae is playing with homeowners trying to conduct aPhoenix short sale.  Fannie could care less about homeowners, and has gone out of their way to make short-selling a home a tedious process.

Melissa Blasius with Channel 12 News recently asked for my take on what is going on with Fannie Mae and Phoenix short sales...While Fannie Mae continues to throw up roadblocks to the short sale process, we continue to fight (and win) forour clients.  If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, pleasecontact mebefore throwing your hands up and walking away.  Short sales still hold many advantages versus simply walking away from your mortgage...

Feel free tovisit our testimonials pageto get an idea of how we can help you avoid the devastating effects of foreclosure.

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