14955700_sIt isn’t often that residents are offered the opportunity to participate in the workings of their local government. However, residents of Scottsdale are getting that exact chance.  First, residents are able to attend virtual planning workshops and provide their specific feedback in an online forum. One example is on June 20, Scottsdale residents gathered to offer their ideas and thoughts for neighborhoods in Scottsdale during the first of the 2014 General Plan workshops. Meeting materials are available for download online and afford those unable to attend the chance to also participate in these planning sessions by submitting their thoughts online.  The program Speak Up Scottsdale gives residents the chance to offer suggestions on ways to improve existing neighborhoods as well as positive additions to the area that could be made.  Residents of Scottsdale can get involved in the future of their neighborhoods in person or online.

Another way that residents can get involved in local government is through the offering of ideas on The Scottsdale Museum of the West, located in Downtown Scottsdale. Residents can offer suggestions as to their personal feelings about the current design of the 40,000 square foot museum. Preliminary designs have been released and the city seeks to get input from the public on ways to improve the current designs.  Visit SpeakUp Scottsdale to add your thoughts to the conversation.

Lastly, residents of Scottsdale are encouraged to join in the discussion for the outlining of a new Public Safety Plan Ordinance used to promote the general health, safety and welfare of the Scottsdale community as a whole. Citizens can join in the conversation Wednesday, July 24th at the Scottsdale Police Department’s Community Room, District 3. The topic of conversation will include types of businesses required to develop a public safety plan, information needed to create the public safety plan and general time frame of development.

Scottsdale residents are encouraged to get involved and have their voices heard for the future and development of their community.