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We are off and running in the new year here at Summit Home Consultants. We were busy throughout the holiday season and have been busy ever since, which is pretty unusual. Hopefully that’s a sign of good things to come. Today we just wanted to wrap up the year for you and go over some year-end numbers from 2015. By comparing them to the numbers we saw at the end of 2014, you can see just how much our market has improved this past year. 


We ended the year with 20,000 active listings. This figure is down about 11% from the 22,000 we saw last year. This is good news for sellers, as there isn't as much competition out there.


As for pending listings, right now we have almost 4,900 vs. the 4,400 we had at the end of 2015. This is another good sign that the market is getting healthier. 


Our monthly sales are up as well. This December, we sold about 6,500-6,600, which is up from 6,400 in December last year. Average sales prices are also up $130 per square foot from the end of last year.


Our days of inventory is down 20%, as homes aren’t sitting on the market as long. Annual sales rates are up 10% and the total days on market is down 10%, both are positive signs for the market. 


We are looking great heading into 2016. If you’ve ever thought about listing your home, I couldn’t think of a better time to do so. Interest rates are on the rise, so acting quickly is important if you’re looking to buy the best home possible. 


If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you!